Just decided to give WFB another go, got myself a high elf army last year but due to various other commitments I didnt really give them or WFB a fair go tbh.

Im thinking of adding to my army and thought Warseer would be the best place to ask advice on what to buy next. My knowledge of High Elves & WFB is very little.

Ok so I have this so far

Alith Anar
High Elf Mage on Dragon
High elf lord/prince on Dragon
Various other mages and lords
16 Archers
16 Spearmen/Sea Guard
8 Silver Helms
12 Dragon Princes
4 Repeater Bolt throwers
2 great Eagles

What would be a good addition to what I already have. And do you think i'd be better off selling one of the Dragons, will i ever use 2 in one army?