I have the pleasure of introducing a new player to the WotR game (a girl no less ) so I would like some thoughts on these armies.

945pts Isenguard vs 945 Rohan

Erkenbrand, Captain of the Westfold 75
Déorwine, Captain of the Royal Guard 50
Meriadoc, Esquire of Rohan 75

Riders of Rohan Éored 6
Riders of Rohan Éored 3
Royal Knights with Banner 6
Oathsworn Bowmen 3
Oathsworn Militia with Cpt 6

Lurtz 175

Warg Rider warband Cpt with Sheilds 6
Feral Uruk-Hai Warband 3
Isengard Orc Warband Cpt and Sheilds 8
Isengard Orc Warband Bow 2
Uruk-Hai Warband 5

Mostly made up off troops from my Mordor List. I went for Isenguard to give the Evil army a strong fighter to lead them. I didn't want to include magic in a training game. The formations are large so they shoud be able to survive a few rounds of combat as well. Any thoughts?