Just starting a Necro campaign and due to a shortage of figures am going to use a unit of guardsmen, it's part of their training regime - having to survive the underhive for a month with only basic supplies (or something).

So I costed it out:
160cr Leader (vet serg) chainswd/laspistol
100cr Heavy (spec weapons) Knife, Flamer
75cr Ganger x8 (guardsman) Knife, Lasgun

They should really have flak armour so we agreed they can start with flak for 15cr each - adding 150cr that comes to 1010cr. Is this about right?
Maybe one guy s/have a laspistol + 1000cr? (I definitely want the full unit).
Should they start with any territory or have to aquire it?
Which skills should they roll on? (Was thinking ferocity, shooting and maybe stealth).
Any other suggestions for special rules?, or links if this has been done before.