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    The Computer Protection Thread

    Well I am bored, and figure that it is pretty important for most of us to protect our computer as well as keep it in tip-top shape. So here is a collection of ideas, software, and to-do's that I use to make my computer run faster. Posting of your own idea's is encouraged, but I would like to keep this thread small and easy to navigate. So mostly we are interested in actual stuff that helps, not small talk. So keep your posts limited to: Ideas (and how to execute them), Software (Links or places where to get them), Reviews on the Ideas, or personal experiences. Hopefully we can get this stickied or something.

    1. Get a firewall. These are very important in keeping hackers, and other nasty's out of your computer. I personally use McAfee, which is pretty good. You can purchase it at: McAfee Firewall

    2. Get rid of Spyware, this causes your computer to slow down if you have too much of it. I recommend Spybot, after a few scans and immunizations, your computer will be Spyware free. I personally use Spybot, which has done nothing but good for my computer. But you have to remember to update it as frequently as possible. Spybot Search and Destroy

    3. Ger rid of Adware, this causes your computer to slow down if you have too much of it. I recommend Ad-Aware SE, I recommend you scan about once a week, just to keep the adware from building up. The first time that I used adware it removed an enormous amount of adware, which made my computer's speed increase noticably. And a quick notice: adware is different then spyware, so you want to be able to handle them both. Once again remember to update. Ad Aware SE

    4. And there are those pain in the **** Processes that Windows is always
    running, but nobody knows what they are for. Well I have a way to get rid of them, it is called CrapCleaner. It deletes these and frees up a large amount of Hard Drive, RAM, Processor Speed, as well as internet history (IE Porn, so people will never know what you dirty kids have been up to ) . Get Crap Cleaner .WARNING: This will also Delete Cookies, unless you specify otherwise.

    7. Remember to Defagment your Hardrive, this is very important in keeping your computer running faster. You can use this by going to your Control Panel in windows.

    6. And lastly but not leastly, Virus's. I haven't had a huge problem with them, but they do exist, so I recommend you get one. Either Norton or McAfee work really well. McAfee

    Hopes this helps.
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