So, i've been playing empire for a bit and i haven't been getting much satisfaction out of my games recently.. i've been considering purchasing a new army.

I don't know much about either of these armies as i've never played either.. but should I get vampire counts or ogre kingdoms?

The appeal of ogre kingdoms to me would be:
a. big, easier to paint models ( and i wouldn't have to paint many )
b. less models = less money
c. they look scary
d. they seem to be an underdog ( and i'd enjoy smashing underestimaters )

The appeal of Vampire counts to me would be:
a. I love the theme of the undead
b. they're generally considered to be pretty tough
c. i have a friend that has a fully painted ( and its modeled/painted really well ) vampire army that he'd sell me for $500

I'd love to hear your input on a few things to help me decide...

Why are Ogre kingdoms generally considered to be weaksauce? Could i run an ogre kingdoms army that would devastate opponents? Sample army list?

Why are you so afraid of the Vampire counts? Are they really that beefy?

All things aside... if you were me... which would you go for?