Hey guys i'm a long time 40k player looking to get into fantasy. I hear a new rule book is supposed to come out later this year(june?) but in the meantime i'm thinking of starting an army up. I am looking mostly at 3 different forces and am wondering if some people could give me some feedback on them.

First off are the wood elves! wood elves are possibly my favorite fantasy race, not just warhammer fantasy, but in all fantasy. I love most of the models and the lore behind them. I don't like most of the tree spirits and would probably be against fielding them. so keeping that in mind can they still be effective? if making an army i'd have to take a squad of waywatchers, and a couple units of wardancers. These are my favorite models/units in the army. Other then that i don't know how i would fill out the force.

Second are the beastmen! I love the new models in the beastmen range and think it would be a joy to work with them. I honestly don't know much of the lore behind them except they live in the dark forests of the old world and are constantly at odds with basically everyone it seems. The thing i don't like about them is that i've been reading up and apparently they have some rare choices that don't have models. This could be a great conversion opportunity but idk about it in my first fantasy army. Fielding a beastmen army would see me having at least a unit of 20 beastigors, these guys look awesome, hopefully they are good too. i would have 2 units of 15-20 gors, and a 2 units of ungor raiders. i would also like to put in 4-5 minotaurs. I don't know what kind of lords/heroes i would take at the moment though.

Third would be lizardmen! I also love the models in the range. lizards are one of my favorite animals and when i was a kid i loved dinosaurs with a passion. Lizardmen i sadly know the least about lorewise. Fielding an army of them i would prefer to be skink heavy, with a couple of the different hunting packs and a stegadon. some chameleons are a must as they are my favorite animals. i absolutely would never take one of the toads. That is without a doubt the ugliest thing i have ever seen and will not suffer it in my army. No matter how good it is.

so i tried to give you some reasons why i like the armies and how i would field them. Any and all comments are welcome, just try and stay positive. Don't just come on and say elves are garbage because they have pointy ears. also try and give reasoning behind your choices, i'm trying to find out what i can play that would be fun for me while still being effective. Thanks to all in advance!