So as some of you may have noticed from my other threads, I've recently taken a shine to 2 of the four major powers and am brewing a Chaos Space Marines army around one of them. The problem? I can't choose!

Now, I've heard that CSM can be made to fit any playstyle and that allegiance to the one of the Gods is a way to tune them a certain way; cool! However, I love the models offered for both Slaaneshi marines and those who follow the changer of ways, so simply would like to know the ways in which each of them can... "morph" my army to fight a certain way.

Once I choose a power to worship, I shall not be going against my word, so you have my very soul in your hands with your suggestions!


A few things also: I like "sneaky" armies, with strange gadgets, powers and odd things like that-- I'd like to be more shooty this time, but its not a necessity.

Also, I'd like to paint my own renegade force one I think of a story for them-- is it permissable to say, take Tzeentch Thousand Son models, and paint them purple, or red; or is that against the rules?

Anyway, which God or approach is best to create a shooty/sneaky/wily force with some 'neat' doodads and what'its and odd special rules?