A point was raised in another thread about the best use of tactical squads in the current codex and ruleset. However, it was raised in a confrontational manner and got the thread closed. It did raise a valid question though, how do you think it best to equip a standard marine troop choice? My personal choice is to use them as special weapon delivery squads, which is why I prefer the chaos and space wolves tactical equivalents. Other than that I think keeping them as basic as possible is preferable. What are the rest of you up to, do you make the most of the combat squad rules, are there any people who still like to run hard as nails sergeants? Rhino, drop pod or footsloggers? What results are you getting back from them? Do you run them for fluff, cool or gaming reasons?

All thoughts welcome, just don't go declaring your choice 'best' and all others 'stupid', it isn't helpful or constructive.