I do like these motivational threads.I just hope they work.
I have a problem.I cant play 40k with an unpainted army.Its a me thing I just dont like doing it.Now I have a Salamanders army which is complete as its ever going to be but you get bored dont you and you get sucked into buying more stuff.
I have too many projects and its any excuse to start a new one.Right now I have a Tau army which is half finished, and the beginnings of 3 more armies all of which Id rather finish before the Tau army (dont ask cos I dont know why that is).The other armies are Guard ,Dark Eldar and Blood Ravens.The Guard are on hold cos I only went and visited the Forgeworld site and fell in love with the Tallarn and the Elysians didnt I.The Dark Elar are on hold cos I just dont have the bits, I need right now, and the Blood Ravens are the closest I have to a project Im interested in finishing, but dont have all the right parts yet.
Im afraid I dont have a point just too many unfinished things to paint.Soooooo the purpose of this thread is to get me motivated to finish stuff before I buy more stuff.
Comments and Criticisms are most welcome at this point before I commit to a long term idea.

so samples of what my armies actualy look like right now.
This is my Tau colour scheme.

I have the blue/grey colour on the armour of my fire warriors with a black undersuit, no komando khaki on them yet tho or pics but I`ll get some done soon
Some Guard stuff

I have 3 sentinels a couple of russes and chimeras and around 50 guys all to finish.The camo Im ok with but I think it needs a little bit extra to complete it.