Hey all,

Pretty basic question really and I was unsure whether to put this thread here or in the more general GW section so please don't shoot me down!

Am moving to Serbia for a year or so due to work soon (specifically Belgrade) and was wondering if there were any Serbs using this forum, or perhaps someone who has lived there who can inform me whether there are any gaming clubs in Belgrade where fantasy battle can be played.

I realise that many of you will be thinking, why don't you just wait until you get there and scout around to find out but really I want to know whether it is worth taking my models all the way across the continent. I did a google search and couldn't really find anything but right now I can only speak the language very basically so it is quite possible that I may have missed something.

Yep, I know this post is probably a shot in the dark but hey I figured it is worth a try.