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Thread: Cross Codex doubles tricks

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    Cross Codex doubles tricks

    Following on from a thread in the rules forum, I want your evil ideas.

    The set up:
    Doubles tournament, 1500 pts a player.
    What is the worst, most abusive, and generally filthiest tricks you can think of using benefits borrowed from other codexs?
    Nothing that simply doesn't work by RAW, ie the farseer powers specify Eldar units, so wouldn't work, or has been FAQ'd to not work, ie Guard orders on non-Guard units.

    Lots of these will be based round that wonderful phrases of 'any friendly models', ' any freindly units within x" ' or such like.
    EDIT. Assume both forces count as one army, to maximise the possible tricks/ EDIT

    Let us have your cheese!
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