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    EC CSM army


    Please feel free to skip ahead to the good stuff

    scratchbuilt rhino prototype pages; 2,3
    scratchbuilt objective markers pages; 4,5
    scratchbuilt rhino MK1 pages; 5,8,9,10
    scratchbuilt rhnio MK2 pages; 6,7,8,9,10
    scratchbuilt rhino MK3 pages; 6
    possessed rhino pages; 8,10
    scratchbuilt templates pages; 9
    scratchbuilt flying disc pages; 9,10
    scratchbuilt armour for my dread pages; 10

    and heres my painting reference from the good old index astartes

    This is my first 5th ed list, having not played the game since 2nd and 3rd ed. I have followed the game through buying the books, WD and using the net. Since all my models have been given away i am starting completely from scratch.
    The list is based on my 3rd ed CSM force, so not optimal by any means but hopefully still quite competitive.
    My main aim with this army is to get a high quality finish on all my models, conversions and try some free hand on my tanks.
    Speaking of tanks, i will hopefully be making most of them from scratch, using plasticard and a laser cutter.
    I am a big 2nd ed fan (the 5th ed codex hurts my eyes) so i will be adding retro 'nods' here and there.

    2 DP w/ wings, psychic powers
    3 Termies w/ chainfist, combi melta, h flamer
    3 Termies w/ chainfist, combi melta, h flamer
    5 noise marines w/ 2 sonic blasters, blastmaster, champ w/ doom siren, power weapon
    5 noise marines w/ 1 snoic blaster, blastmaster, champ w/ doom siren, power weapon
    10 marines w/ 1 special weapon, 1 lascannon, icon
    1 rhino extra armour
    1 rhino extra armour
    5 havocs w/ 2 ML, 2 AC
    1 oblit
    1 oblit
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