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    Warhammer Armies: Norse - Updated Fluff! (no rule changes)

    This is the final version of my unofficial 60 page Norse Warhammer Armies Book before 8th edition hits us, and though I might share it with others who miss Norse as a stand alone army. Its been play-tested for a while now and I am happy how it came out.

    I am also pleased to see it was chosen as an Indy-army list for the Ashes VIII.

    • Updated the list with more fluff from Citadel Journal #9 and edited the layout of the book alittle.
      Changed High King Buliwyf Boergson (special Character) to High King Erik Redaxe (Special character from citadel Journal)
      Removed Fornjot (special character) and replaced him with Strumjarl (Special character from citadel Journal)

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    Download Link:
    Normal Version:
    The Norse Armylist v2.3.pdf

    More English friendly Version (magic items have less Nordic names and more English):
    The Norse Armylist - English v.2.3.pdf

    Comments and feedback from battles are very welcome!
    Hope some of you find enjoyment in it
    Grim Squeaker
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