Hello everyone,

Some of you may know me from my Battle Reports (see my signature). I intend to keep playing my Dwarf army, however the same army over and over can be tremendously boring as some of you may know.

As a result I've decided to pick up a new army, just as a small side project, since I've got a €40 gift voucher for Games Workshop. What I can't decide however is which army to pick, I've narrowed it down to two possible choices, everything else is 100% excluded so please don't mention them.

Dark Elves


#1: I love Malus Darkblade, the character, the books and the model (especially Spite!) Yes, this point is worthy of mention since I like using special characters.

#2: I like the Executioners, the Black Guard, some of the Magic items, Corsairs and Cold One Knights.

#3: I like the playstyle of a fast-moving, hard-hitting army that has some interesting add-ons (Hydra's, Reaper Bolt Throwers etc.)

#4: They would be almost the direct opposite of my Dwarves which would be great, the Dwarf playstyle is fine, but I need a break.


#1: I have an infinite amount of disdain for the Dark Elf Magic phase and spells. I think the spells are boring, and the spells that aren't boring are retarded.

#2: The army is extremely fragile and it would take some serious getting used to.

#3: Colour-wise I'm not sure I like it, lots of heavy purples and blacks, with only a few bits of silver and gold to make up for it.

#4: I wouldn't want to be called a cheeseball, yes this is a valid point, it contributes to my enjoyment of the game.

Warriors of Chaos


#1: I've always wanted a Tzeentch army (before Gateway even existed), I like the concept.

#2: They seem like a very all purpose army, the basic Warriors can carve up pretty much anything.

#3: The army is well supported by the Warshrine, Hellcannons, monsters and Magic.

#4: Speaking of Magic, I love the Tzeentch lore. So much random disruption, the true embodiment of chaos.

#5: I like the models and the colour scheme, the blue seems much better than dark purple.


#1: The army is very expensive points wise, and few in number (this could also be a pro, since I have fewer models to paint).

#2: My obsession with Magic could go horribly wrong with a few bad miscasts.

#3: The army can be very unpredictable, some of the Magic items cause Stupidity and the Hellcannons misfire chart is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.

#4: I don't like footslogging Marauders, which would leave me quite vulnerable on the infantry front.

Right now I'm leaning towards Chaos, but I'm still not sure. Convincing well thought-out arguments are good:

"lol dubble hydra scrub" is not.

So what do you guys think? Which army do you think I should get?