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Quick summary:

4 New Units:

Fire Dragons: lethal against vehicles. We see them total a bunch of ork trakks in second.

Mega-Armoured Nobz: each of these squashes an entire squad of guardsmen.

Khorne Berzerkers: talk about nasty. These guys cut through a squad of Banshees no trouble.

Chaplain: badass. The video has him slaughter about fifty cultists easily.

New gameplay styles

Shows off some of the new objective types, and then had a Bloodthirster slaughter an Avatar.

Imperial Guard

Units shown include the new commander (who is badass with what looks like a pair of lightning claws, one with a storm bolter attached a la Talon of Horus). Commissars, Psykers (who look like they're in real pain when they do their thing). Enginseers are the builder unit. Ogryns are in there, along with sentinels, basilisks and the hard-as-nails Baneblade.

Very cool stuff: cant wait.