Hi all,

It's been quite a while since I last played WFB; at least two years but I've been thinking of dusting off my skaven and giving it another go. The problem is, from scanning the forums my old friendly list has become some sort of absurdly cheesy 'play this and you eat babies' types arrangement. See, I used to use a big unit of censer bearers and a pair of converted DoW rat giants that I was thinking of having as HPAs. I sold off most of my clanrats a while back so to get to 2000pts I'd need to use all of those as well as a few units of jezzails. Buying up a new skaven army is out of the question; I simply don't have the funds any more.

The other option is my Ogres; there's about 2000pts painted up in the bottom of a box somewhere but that's at the exact opposite end of the spectrum. It seems bringing ogres to the table means you may as well give your opponent the game and walk away.

So what do I do? Wait for the new ogre book and hope it lands somewhere in the 'friendly but still competitive' sweet spot? Start a new (cheaper than skaven) army? Keep playing 40K? Any help on the matter would be appreciated.