One of my biggest problems with playing a game of WHFB is the setup/deployment phase. Let me be clear and say that it is not the act of deploying and the strategy incumbent therein, but rather the physical act of placing models on the board in a timely manner.

I have a friend (and fellow Warseerite) who will be coming into town soon for our monthly "Warhammer Weekend" where we try to squeeze 3-5 3500 point games into 2 days. We don't usually have too much of a problem, but the set up is such a beast - often times it takes us 1.5+ hours to get our units ranked and ready and deployment well under way. I just think that it is taking us far to long, especially when we became aware of the time allowed for tournament games.

Frankly, I take way too long to set up my troops, even if I know before the set up how I am likely to deploy (after looking at terrain and such)!

I was wondering if any of you had any tips/tricks/suggestions for how to speed this process up?

For what it's worth, I play Orcs and Goblins + Warriors of Chaos and he plays Skaven.