My buddies and I are getting set up to do a campaign on a desert planet. We've got a pretty good variety of armies (2 guard, 2 nid, 1 Chaos, 1 ork, 1 eldar), and the way the campaign is set up, small units moving around have the chance of being ambushed by raiders, renegades, and pirates.

So far, one of the raiding groups is going to be a couple platoons of Tallarn, but I recently came across an old Gorkamorka set, and decided to enlist them as bandits as well. I can't really incorporate them into my Deffskullz army as they're a bit too weedy in size.

Which means I need to decide on a color scheme for them. I don't want to do Deffskullz (I've painted way too much blue already lol), and the ork player (I'm using my guard) in the campaign is doing a 'rastaa' ork army with red and yellow, so I want to make it a little more unique.

Basically, I've got a handful of questions:
What skin tone should I do for the orks? Lighter because they're a smaller scale? Something else to do with the desert theme?

What would be a good color scheme for the army that isn't blue, yellow, or red? Should it be more gaudy or more subdued?