Im soon going to compete in my first big tournament, and was just wondering...is there any usual tournament-combos i should know/worry about?

I talk about things like BT with obsidian armour, infinite hatred; waraltar archlector with sepcculum, Lizzies with 2-3 stegs and such.

So, simply, what usually shows up at the other side of the table, and how do i take care of it?

If it matters, i play a cav-heavy slaanesh WoC-army with a dragon-sroc, disc-sorc and a fighty-disc.

-Max. 1 of each rare choice (Max.2 of each for High Elves)
- Max. 2 of the same Special choice
- Max. 3 of the same Core choice, except ranked infantry without missile weapons and beast herds.
- Max. 3 chariots (incl. characters and units).
- Max. 3 units of flyers (incl. characters)
- Max. 45 models with missile weapons with a range of 20”+ (not incl. war machines, characters and chariots).
- Max. 5 warmachines.
- Max. 9 PD in an army *

DAEMONS OF CHAOS - All Greater Daemons count as an additional hero choice; Herald BSB may take either daemonic gifts or a daemonic icon, not both; Daemonic Gifts may not be duplicated (except for Spellbreakers); Horrors are limited to 0-2.
DARK ELVES -Max. 35 repeater crossbows in the army; Max. 8 shades per unit; Max. 2 flying units or characters; Assassins after the first take a hero choice; Pendant of khaleth takes a hero choice; Ring of hotek takes a hero choice; Max. 1 Large Target; Max. 1 Rare choice
EMPIRE - Steam Tank counts as 2 rare choices; Max. 3 Wizards (Including the Arch Lector)
LIZARDMEN - Characters mounted on Stegadons also use the relevant special or rare slot; Max. 6 Terradons in army (excl. characters); All disciplines taken after the third count as an additional hero slot (Slann BSB counts as 1, Becalming Cogitation as 2 Disciplines); max. 2 Stegadons of any type
ORCS & GOBLINS - Max 6 goblin fanatics.
VAMPIRE COUNTS - The Drakenhoff banner counts as an additional hero choice; The Helm of Command counts as an additional hero choice; Each +1 to cast in the army counts as 1 powerdice in each phase. Max. 5 Cairn Wraiths
WOOD ELVES - Treeman Ancient counts as Treeman.