Ok, from previous posts here and elsewere most folks know I really have a problem with the use of opposing Chaos powers in the same army for traional and fluff reasons. The sight of Khorne Berserkers with a lash prince in the same army (or worse yet nurgle and tzench daemons in the same force) makes me want to claw my eyes out. I don't want to re-hash that argument here. But my stance on the issue helps to frame were I'm coming from.

Yesterday I pulled out the raw material I have gathered for an old style World Eaters themed CSM army and started the planning. It's to be a colorful force with lots of old school flavor. The majority of the army is of course Khorne Beserker squads made up of Khorne marked RT chaos renegades, "1992 pattern World Eaters", and second edition models. I've got a lord on a first pattern juggernaught and a "blood slaughterer" that I plan on using as a "counts as" drednaught as well. (http://www.solegends.com/citcat9x3/c...marines-01.htm) It's going to be a fun project to put together.

Well, I was thinking over unique HQ options, when I thought about the sorceror. True enough you would never see a sorceror in a World Eaters army. Khorne hates "magic" and all the librarians of the World Eater legion were killed when they turned to Chaos. This is even more the case with a Slaanesh marked character using the "lash" power. But though the magic of "counts as" I have come up with a suitably old school solution.

He's not a sorceror at all and he's not using a psycic attack. It's a World Eater legion techmarine armed with a graviton gun! :thumbsup:
For those younger gamers out there the graviton gun is a weapon from the first edition of the game that also briefly made a showing in 2nd editon as well. Even in those days it was harldy ever used by anyone. Here is the description of the weapon from the RT book:
"The graviton gun is a curious weapon. It was oiginally developed for peaceful purposes in low gravity enviorments. Any target hit by the gun acquires added mass-becoming much heavier almost instantly. This does not physically change or harm the target but it does make movement difficult..."

Granted the effect of the lash is not in keeping with the original effect of the graviton gun, but one could certainly make the case that a modified/updated version of the gun might alter the gravity effect in the opposite way in lowering the target's mass combined with a sort of tractor beam effect. Yes it's a stretch, but it's a fairly characterful way to shoehorn in the character and is certainly more creative than just combining chaos powers in a "mix and pick" fashion with no regards to theme, tradition, or fluff.

I've even got a conversion idea in mind, using an old RT techmarine as the base model.

What are your thoughts on this?