G'day everyone,

Well as the tittle suggests im in need of advice. I am looking at introducing specialist games to my local gaming group.
I am an old hand at the hobby (mainly 40k/fantasy), and have a history with Necromunda in its previous incarnation (though i have'nt played in a good 7 years), access to tonnes of necromunda terrain and a couple of gangs. I also have the rules books for both Mordheim and Inquisitor and multiple warbands, though no experience in either system.

I am looking at introducing possibly Necromunda, Mordheim, or Inquisitor.
With what i have access too, i am considering mainly Mordheim or Necromunda, though i have no idea where to start.

Our group mainly follows 40k, and is now branching into fantasy. Lotr also has a following.

I have mentioned these options to my gaiming group, whom with the exception of a couple are newer generations then this game and i get questions like "whats a mordheim?", etc.
Although i do get positive interest at attempting one of these systems.

So i suppose the main things should be, is where do i start:
Should I endevour to print out a copies of the living rule books for both systems, and extra articals?
What is the new edition of necro like? easier for newer generations to grasp?
or would mordheim be easier to impliment?

As for demo games, should I run some when my experience is as rusty/rudimentry as it is now?

thanks everyone, any advice would be great. i just want these newer gamers to enjoy something which is sorely neglected these days by gw.

im sure ill have more questions to come later on aswell