Hi there i was thinking the other day if anyone else had happened across such rediculous rolling by either themsleves or an opponant or even just whitnessed rolls that for all intensive puroses should have been impossible ill give an example.

A few months ago i played my regular opponant (A friend) my space wolves v his blood angels 1500pts a piece.

Now tbh the game was heavaly one sided towards me due to some tactical errors by my friend well my term rune priest moved out of a grey hunter unit he was in to JOTWW a unit that had disembarked from a rhino a previous turn killing a couple but i had made the mistake of moving out into the open.

So he jumped a techmarine with 4 combat servitors or of a nearbye razorbak and targeted my priest firstly he fired the techmarines plasma pistol and bolt pistol both hit and wound. I roll armour a 3 (not unexpected) then i was lucky enough to pass the invun but i was shure id die in the charge. So he charges i fail counter attack but manage to kill a servitor then it happened....

His power weapon wounds me twice i pass both saves... lucky
The sevitors hit me cause 5 wounds i then go on to pass them all on a strait roll of five 6's. I just put my head down trying to not rub it in his face unfortunately he failed his leadership and ran of the board.

It shouldnt have happened but it did so any other stories?