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Thread: Lack Luster of the DWARVES!

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    Lack Luster of the DWARVES!

    I have been a long time avid player of Warhammer since the beginning of 6th edition (about 10 years ago). For 5-6 years or so, I played exclusively Empire and O+G. Primarily, because I bought 4 of the starter box sets (you got both Empire and O+G w/that set). About 2-3 years ago, I expanded to first include Lizardmen(before 7th edition advent), then Dark Elves (start of 7th edition), High Elves (during 7th edition), and Dwarves (7th), along with Skaven (end of 6th).

    So much for the interlude.

    Moving on. It seems to me that the Dwarves had a punch in the 6th edition rules and format. I have not had any real success with the Dwarves and through my experienced play seem to find that they are flawed in many ways.
    I don't want to make this a rant and I'm not a power gamer. Simply put, I don't play the Broken busted Thorek Anvil line. To me, that is the most ridiculous set up that I can ever think of... Since when do (up to 3 units) of Dwarves get to charge 12" on their turn? How the hell does this make any sense.. On the flip side, many Dwarf players swear by it and I wonder why?

    I'll tell you why - it's because it's the only thing that works!

    I'll go on point to point from here. Several components that I find lacking are

    *The REAL ability to mitigate magic (4 dispel dice base - doesn't cut it with 7th!). Armies with 12+ PD are so very common it's pathetic.

    * Lack of mobility (base 3 move?)

    * Being outclassed in all facets by certain armies.. i.e. Woc (via WS, Armor, points cost, attacks, movement, frenzy, 4-6 pt mauraders w/flails etc..)

    * No cheap - bait and flee units available... To static of an army all around..

    * Warmachines are a bit over costed in some aspects and simply don't cut the mustard at the end of the day.. Granted you can get a great shot off here and there.. My concern is with efficiency and reliability. It is my opinion that the Empire outclass them here..

    * The rune magic items thing? Yeah, its great - but why don't the Dwarves have the real "hammer".. Meaning where is the I do a d6 wounds with no armor save gimmick? Everyone else does...

    * Anvil equals broke and retarded as I mentioned above. Great idea needs to be reworked.

    * So called Elite units? Where? Iron Breakers with 1 attack, Hammerer's with 1 attack?, .. for the IB (1+ AS is nice). I think the problem is here that.. the Dwarves don't have the punch..

    * Lack of any shock troops.. i.e. no chariots, heavy cavalry, monsters or of any other type. Now, I'll concede this point to the theme of the army itself. It's not supposed to have those things.

    * Shooting.. Oh brother.. 14pts for a thunderer? Whose smoking from the Sherriff's Evidence locker now? 8pts for an Empire hand gunner! 10 points for a Dark Elf Repeater Crossbow with higher BS and can shoot twice! Empire Crossbows are s4 range 30 and are 8 pts! Come on already!
    For Warmachines in this category, w/engineers and such to make them "functional" and gain any real benefit makes their points become a bit silly. Especially when a units of harpies/dogs/flesh hounds, etc.. come charging them on turn 2.. Turn 1 if your TK with Carrion and the spam move incantation. Wow, Dwarves getting pummeled by TK even!

    Aside from the ONE and ONLY way of winning with the Dwarves (broken Thorek Line) - I find that the Dwarves are not competitive in any way to the current armies out there? Is it me or am I just the lone wolf barking at the full moon by myself?

    Next, the same kind of ridiculous builds seem to be out there for other armies.. Here are some examples of broken ideas that seem to work and really seem to be the only way for them to win..

    High Elves w/ Star Dragon

    Dark Elves w/ Pendant of Khalef (broken), Ring of Hotek(broken), ASF Banner, dual Hydras (they have other builds but this is somewhat common)

    Lastly, these armies are also lacking any real competitiveness

    Tomb Kings
    to some degree High Elves (AS of a 5+ with any troop choice? for ASF @ s3?)
    Ogre Kingdoms

    So these are my thoughts, don't mean to sound like a rant but rather an observation of where GW is going with 8th edition now that they have 3 super broken armies...

    Beastmen and Skaven have been recently released and the Hellpit Abomination - I will NEVER play against or with! PERIOD.. Most broken thing GW has ever put in print! Absolutely ridiculous! (Point for point, I do play Skaven so... )

    Ok - thanks for reading my book.. Your thoughts on what I have written..

    P.S. Don't Blast me with YOUR CRAZY, HOW COULD YOU SAY .... .. Be constructive.. Thanks in advance.
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