Whilst making slight alterations to my fleshtearers to adapt to the new codex, I will also be making my third Blood Angles army. Now over time I hope the army to grow so that I have a great deal of choice of what to field, but to begin with I will be playtesting tournament type lists and find out what works for me.

So about a month ago, I made a basic blood angels 150pts list with no thrils, just lost of TL assault cannons. Now I love the new Baal plastic kit and would obviously be using this for my 3 baal predators (no sponsoons). The dilemma comes with the razorbacks. I realy want to use the baal kit for these too as I feel that the model looks far superior to the razorback with the TL assault cannon taken from a landraider. And the cost of each is the same (Buying the redeemer sprue for a load of normal razorbacks).

So when I think to myself that the cost for either a baal or a razorback with redeemer assault cannon are the same but the baal looks so much better I think to myself why wouldn't I use the baal kit. Essentially both turrets are the same rules wise (a TL Assault cannon). My friend thinks (correctly to be fair) that the turret is not the one that should be used as it is realy a predator turret. The other obvious issue would be differentiating between the baals and razorbacks as they have different armour values and one can hold troops.

I could differentiate by buying the FW extra armour or spaced armour for the baals so that it would be obvious to the opponent and this would also resolve the issue of why do two tanks with the same kit have different armour values.

Interested to see what the community thought. As the opponent, you can tell what tank is what due to the thicker armour on the baals making them look different. But do you have a problem that technically the wrong turret is used as it is a predator turret rather than a razorback one even though no rules are effected between either one (even in the olden days the razorback had a marine firing the gun from above the main chasis).

As much as I love winning, the rules are not effected and my reason for doing it is for a better looking model. I want to continue to do well at tournements in terms of competing for best looking army, as my Eldar have done for me in the past.