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    The ascendency of Blackheart von Skittergramm

    Right, it's been a while since I've posted a battle report but I've found a new gaming group and played my first game there.

    first the Horde of Blackheart von Skittergraph

    Warlord: Warlock Weapons, Distraction Shield, Pet Rat, War Litter
    Chieftain: BSB, Clan Supremacy Banner, Shield, GW
    Warlock: L1, Dispel Scroll, Musket
    Plague Priest: L1, PC, Dispel Scroll, Pet Rat

    25 Clanrats, Spears, Shields, Banner, Musician, WFT
    25 Clanrats, Spears, Shields, Banner, Musician, Rattling Gun
    25 Clanrats, Spears, Shields, Banner, Musician, Rattling Gun
    25 Clanrats, Spears, Shields, Banner, Musician
    25 Slaves, Musician
    25 Slaves, Musician
    3 Rat Swarms
    3 Rat Swarms
    10 Night Runners, Warp Grinder

    6 Jezzails, Sharpshooter
    3 Rat Ogres, Master Breed, Master Moulder
    20 Plague Monks, Banner of Rats, Musician
    7 PCB's, Champion

    Doom Wheel

    vs Archaon and his drinking buddies:

    Sorcerer: L2, 2 Dispel Scrolls
    Exalted: Daemon Stead, Sword of Battle, BSB, Mark of Khorne, Collar of Khorne

    8 Marauder Horse, Full Command, LA, Flails, Throwing Axes, Mark of Nurgle
    8 Marauder Horse, Full Command, LA, Flails, Throwing Axes, Mark of Nurgle
    8 Marauder Horse, Full Command, LA, Flails, Throwing Axes, Mark of Nurgle

    7 Chaos Knights, Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch
    6 Chaos Knights, Full Command, Mark of Nurgle


    We set up the terrain in a mutually agreeable fashion and he had to deploy the first unit. I then won first turn.

    Blackheart von Skittergramm fidgeted on his new palanquin and surveyed the field of battle. When his scouts had brought him word of the rapidly approaching man things he had hastily chosen this hilltop for its commanding view and deployed his horde around him. A chill wind idly flicked at tattered banners while a few fat drops of rain fell from the roiling black clouds above. In the distance the sound of wane horns signalled the man things awareness of Skittergramm’s mighty horde as they drew their horse into lines of battle. It was time. He nodded to his most able chieftain, Ruentail, who dipped the great clan banner in response. To the glorious ringing of bells the battle was joined.

    The rat swarms, night runners and the wheel all rushed forwards while the rest of the army shuffled slightly. Magic had no effect in the entire game so I’ll skip it from now on. In shooting the cannon managed to hit three Nurgle knights with a strength two hit, killing one, while the Jezzails failed to wound the Warshrine. When it came to the wheel I’d forgotten that it ignored terrain for its shooting so the nearest target was the unfortunate Night Runners. I figured I might as well just kill them off and hope to get a few shots on the Marauder Horse in front of me so rolled anyway. Instead I misfired, and shot forwards again, impacting the Marauder Horse. They broke and fled and I overran into the Nurgle knights. Result *bsb*

    In his turn he rallied the fleeing horse and set up to counter charge the wheel with Archaon’s knights, as well as beginning a flank manoeuvre on the left with the two untouched light horse units. In combat he broke and pursued the wheel but it got away!

    It promptly rallied in my turn so I turned it back to face the pursuing knights. There was a rules question here because it wasn’t stated if the wheel gets its shooting if it has rallied that turn? My opponent argued it shouldn’t as nothing else does and I let it go as I was winning anyway. Either way another hit by the cannon reduced the knights to three models while the leftmost Night Runners and Rat Swarms moved into handy march blocking positions in and around the woods.

    In his turn he charged the wheel again, but spooked by the volume of fire in the centre moved Archaons knights and the Warshrine round to the left flank. He broke and destroyed the wheel but was unable to reach anything with the overrun, leaving his reduced unit in close range of my guns.

    Shooting in my turn killed the Exalted BSB, and even though the cannon misfired it got a six and was fine! Truly the Horned One was watching that game.

    In his turn he took the bait with his flanking Marauder Horse and charged the Swarms and night Runners, which just ended up sticking him deep in the woods. At this point he was so hacked off with loosing his units to shooting that he moved the remaining two knights (well wounded sorcerer and knight) in front of my guns and told me to shoot them down, but I elected to flank charge instead. We called it there, as the only combat the rest of his army was going to see was gunfire.

    One of the skyre repeating guns fired a long burst after the retreating man things. On the hillside below Skittergramm could see a seething mass of fur and tails as his warriors swarmed over the few remaining steel clad knights, drowning them in their sheer weight of numbers. “A mighty victory of great one.” “Yes-yes, great warriors of the dark gods are no match-match for you oh lord” Skittergramm ignored the sycophantic fawning of his bodyguards. Twitching his nose he tasted the air and spat. The servants of the dark gods would be back, he could feel it.

    So a victory, but the dice were on my side this time and a lot of it has to be down to the performance of the wheel and the cannon. Next week this army list will be facing another chaos one, though hopefully with a few more models this time.
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