So, I know this dude who works for the Workshop and Ive just bought all this lot. As you can see I've taken over the conservatory:-

My plan is to create an armoured force of Iron Warriors for an up and comming Apocalypse game aganist an Imperial Guard army - pah!
Should be a good crack!

So heres what I've got so far:-

Predator assassin squadron

Looted Shadowsword

1st Landy and dread-needs coverting

and a vindicator line breaker squadron plus 2nd Landy

As you can see I've got tons and tons to do. Also want to make one of those warhounds and possible a thunder hawk. With all the grunts (pics to follow) should be around 6500 point, so not too shabby.

It's a bit weird having the whole army in one go, just dont know where to start. Not enough time in the day!!
Will post pic's as the army develops