Okay this one's gonna be hard, but given this is Warseer and the demographic of British students with weird taste on here, there is a chance someone will know what I'm talking about. So here goes:
I'm trying to find the name of a surreal short animated film that appeared on British Channel 4 as part of the Beyond Dope Sheet series of animation around 1-2.00 AM just over ten years ago, late October-November 1999)
It may have been one of the student films that won RSA student Design Awards and were televised as part of that series (according to the BFI online database I was digging thru before)

It comprised animation over live action, and had a drawing room where two 19th century ladies (the Dames) whose faces are masks like mannequins and have their fake plastic breasts exposed are sitting fanning themselves.
A butterfly flits around the room, landing on one of their plastic nipples at one point.
A grandfather clock strikes midnight, and a drummer (or automaton) in the corner gives a drum roll.
The dames ballroom-dance slowly with each other across the room, where their own reflections emerge from a tall mirror and dance with them.
The clock strikes again, the drum roll goes again, and the reflections/dopplegangers return into the mirror, which shatters revealing another one underneath.
The dames sit down, the doors open and in comes a man in a hat with glasses and a case (the Entomologist)
He looks around sternly like an authority figure - he notices the tip of one of the dames shoes is visible beneath the hem of her dress, and looks indignantly angry. The other dame quickly stoops and covers it with her fan.
The guy walks around the room IIRC, he soon notices the butterfly, so his tongue shoots out a yard or so like a frog, catches the butterfly and he takes it and stick it in his case, which is full of them pinned.
That's all I can remember, but I think it ended around that point.

I caught it by accident and thought mainly WTF? But I liked it. It stuck in my mind for years and I could never find anything bout it since then, so does ANYONE know something this film? I'd like to find out.
Thanks for any help.