Now some games companies would have you believe the 13th Company never came back, but we know they returned and they stayed.

I've been working on redoing my 13th Company over the past few months and with the reorganisation here I figure my old plog is probably too confused to keep going.

This is the stuff that is currently done. Largely I was painting to a 1500 point list which is now expanded to 2000 points with extras to keep me interested along the way.

This lot is the next batch being worked on with extra Grey Hunters being done as swap ins so that when I'm done I can either field bare Grey Hunter squads or have MOTW, Wolf Standards and full meltas etc in them.

And then this lot is the spares and to work on piles

Obviously this isn't a true 13th Company anymore because I've gone and added vehicles, but the Rhinos etc will be old school kits where I can. The Predator is going to have an old school turret swap in, and I'm looking to pick up a few more old Rhinos to run with.