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Thread: IFCommander's "Someday I will finish an army!" Project

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    IFCommander's "Someday I will finish an army!" Project

    Hey Everyone.

    You all probably don't know me since I haven't been on the forums since the Portent Days. As you might guess Imperial Fists are my main army, but I have a few others and also play fantasy. As well as not being on the forums, I also havent done any modeling or painting for about the last 4-5 months!

    Well I finally got off my butt and assembled a unit of beastmen for my fantasy chaos army last weekend. Yay! I also went on the net and discovered that Portent had been reborn here as Warseer. After reading through some of the project logs here, especially Deadley's Project and Reapers Dwarf Project, I got inspired and broke out my last unfinished conversion project from four months back - a converted ratling squad. After working on them last night I brought the finished (converting) total up from 2 to 7 models, leaving only three to go for a full squad of ten. I will post some pictures after I finish converting the remaining three guys.

    But first I want to give you all an idea of how much stuff I have sitting around needing to be assembled and/or painted. These are listed in the order I started the armies, beginning about 5 years ago when I got into the hobby. After I had been playing for about a year I went through a period of a buying frenzy where I bought stuff way faster than I could ever get it painted. I have not bought so much stuff in the last couple of years but I am still way behind the curve on getting stuff done. Any way here goes!

    W40K Armies
    1. Space Marines - Imperial Fists [aprox 6000pts]
    Painted: 4 10-Man Tactical Squads, Captain and Command Squad, Chaplain, 5-Man Assault squad, 2 land speeders, whirlwind, 5-Man Bike squad, Attack Bike, Chaplain on Bike.
    Assembled: 4 more 10-Man Tactical Squads, 4 10-Man (metal) Scout Squads, 2 more Land speeders, 25 more Assault Marines, 15 or so Terminators, Librarian, Terminator Librarian, Terminator Chaplain, Terminator Captain, Predator Annihilator (partially painted), 3 Rhinos (partially painted) , 2 Dreadnoughts, 10-Man Legion of the Damned squad (partially painted), 10-Man Deathwatch Kill Team (mostly painted).
    Unassembled: 2 boxes of plastic Terminators, 1 Tactical squad box, Land Raider Crusader.

    2. Orks [approx 2500pts]
    Painted: Warboss, 4 boyz, 4 grots, converted Dreadnought
    Assembled: Everything except vehicles
    Waiting to be scratch built: all vehicles.

    3. Tau [??? pts]
    Painted: Nothing
    Assembled: 4 crisis suits, 2 firewarrior squads minus the arms
    Unassembled: The entire army box from the original Tau release including firewarriors. Plus some extra stealth suits.

    4. IG - Catachans [approx 3000 pts]
    Painted: 3 Leman Russes, 9 Sentinels, Chimera, Hellhound
    Assembled: Command Platoon, Infantry Platoon, Hvy Weapon Platoon, Armored Fist Squad, Hardened Veteran Squad Special Weapon Squads, Commisars, Pyskers and Priests all in varying stages of primer/painting.
    Unassembled: Nothing! Yay!

    5. IG - Cadians [??? pts]
    Painted: Nothing
    Assembled: A heavy weapon platoon (10 teams), and a chimera.
    Unassembled: Everything else from the Cadian army box plus 2 boxes of Cadian troops and another Hvy weapon (3 team) box. Parts for converting a rough rider squad, and those converted Ratlings.

    6. Lost and the Damned [approx 2500pts]
    Painted: Nothing
    Assembled: Arch heretic, 3 asp champs, 45 traitors, 30 mutants, 20 plague zombies, nurglings.
    Unassembled: A Defiler, and still working on converting Big Mutants.

    7. Daemon Hunters [??? points]
    Painted: Nothing
    Assembled: 2 Inquistors, a bunch of flunkies, 20 storm troopers, 2 chimeras, a rhino.
    Unassembled: 20 grey knights in power armor, death cult assassins.

    8. Witch Hunters [??? pts]
    Painted: Nothing
    Assembled: Nothing, except the stormies, chimera and rhino that can do double duty from the daemonhunters.
    Unassembled: St. Celestine, Cannoness, about 30 sisters, 5 seraphim, immolater, exorcist.

    9. Space Marines - Sons of Medusa [??? pts]
    Painted: about 5-10 marines
    Assembled: Custom Commander, Custom Chaplain, 4 8-Man Tactical Squads, a 5-Man assault squad, a 5 man Devastator squad.
    Waiting to be scratch built: Drop pods for everyone.
    Need to buy: A dreadnought.

    10. Tyranids
    Painted: Nothing
    Assembled: 16 old school (blue) genestealers, 2 warriors
    Unassembled: The 4th editon nid armybox (minus 2 warriors) , some old school gaunts, carnifex, 2 tyrant guard.

    WHFB Armies
    1. Bretonnians [??? pts]
    Painted: A handful of Knights
    Assembled: 30-40 knights, some spearmen, some bowmen
    Unassembled: A trebuchet, 1 box of new knights, a box of new men-at-arms.

    2. Chaos [approx 3000pts]
    Painted: Mounted Sorcerer, Undivided Champion, 16 Chosen Warriors, 16 chaos warriors, 16 chaos warriors of slaanesh (unfinished), 1 spawn, 5 screamers.
    Assembled: Mounted Chaos Lord, warhounds, a converted spawn, 20 marauders, 20 beastmen, beastlord, 3 minotaurs, 17 old school beastmen.
    Unassembled: box of Chaos knights, box of daemonettes

    3. Tomb Kings [??? pts]
    Painted: Nothing
    Assembled: 1 chariot.
    Unassembled: Tomb Kings army box, battalion box, casket of souls.

    4. Dwarves [??? pts]
    Just bought a Dwarf Lord and Runesmith on clearance and ordered the new dwarf battlion box, should get it in about a week. What have i done?

    Holy crap, that makes 14 armies, none of which are "finished". If you are still with me after all of that, thanks. Now you see the daunting task ahead of me! Now to set a few tasks to get started. Let me know what you think I should work on if you care!

    1. Finish Converting Ratlings and post pictures. Done.
    2. Build Converted Rough Riders from parts. Underway


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