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    Dark Moon Kabal


    I did have an old thread, but frankly speaking I completely forgot about and it's just better to start a completely new thread.

    I'm mostly active on 40konline, but decided to share this army of mine with you guys as well : D

    I'll use this thread as a blog, I'll post everything I have so far, then I'll keep posting updates, though I will warn you: I do need a long time to paint anything and I only paint several models at the same time and then take pictures.

    So I'll start with a taste of the size of the army:

    You'll be glad to know that all these pictures date from about 3 years ago. Right now I have a lot of painted units.
    I actually bought more stuff later on (flyers and other stuff), I even started working on 2 more superheavy skimmers.

    Basically I wanted to make a "super raider" and "super ravager"
    They became the Soul Cage and the Massacre gunboat.
    The Soul Cage is still a transport, but it can transport 3 times more passengers and it has 2 more guns, making a total of 5 big guns (all optional: Dark lances, disintegrators or long barreled splinter cannons)
    The Massacre Gunboat (of Massacre in short) has a lot more guns like you can see, all linked to the dark matter generator, there's also one huge dark matter shooting gun as you can see.

    They're all still WIP, the reason why I don't continue is because they need monsterous amounts of glue and I'm working on other things anyway.
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