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    Sprue pics

    Hey all,
    Since getting good pictures of what exactly is on the various different iterations of the Epic sprues, I thought it might be handy to have a thread to post images. If you're got a complete sprue to hand, please post it up with references to what's on it:

    To start off, here's the old Eldar infantry sprue:
    Top row (left to right):
    Wraithguard; Exarch; Wraithguard; Exarch; Dark Reaper; Guardian weapon gunner; Guardian banner bearer; Warlock; Banshee.

    Second row:
    Guardian; Scout/Ranger; Jetbike; Guardian; Scout/Ranger; Jetbike; Guardian; Guardian.

    Third row:
    Grav Platform; Vyper (Mark I); Support Platform (Mark I); Guardian; Guardian; Jetbike.

    Fourth row:
    Harlequin; Fire Dragon; Swooping Hawk; Striking Scorpion; Dire Avenger; Harlequin; Fire Dragon; Swooping Hawk; Striking Scorpion; Dire Avenger.
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