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    Tau Xenos Allied Army

    Aliens so far:

    * Tau
    * Kroot
    * Kroot Vulture kindred
    * Vespid sting wings
    * Vespid sniffers
    * Human auxiliaries
    * Grymm (small abhumans)
    * Vervid (space rats)
    * Touren
    * Touren heavy shock troops
    * Touren heavy broadsides
    * Enslavers
    * Thraxians
    * Brachyurans (tiny bugs)
    * Nagi mind worms
    * Nagi blunt worms
    * Lizardy men (need a better name!)
    The aquatic league of Greet:
    * Krynoids
    * Polypyr
    * Water Divinators (need a better name!)
    * Jellies (need a better name!)
    * Hydro (need a better name!)


    Returning to my Tau Allied force (more pics to follow), I was in need of some inspiration, a model to convert and paint to reinvigorate my love of the Tau.

    Using a spare Minotaur from making my Razorgor, some spare Tau bits and some claws from my Mawloc, I came up with this bad boy:

    I am really pleased with the overall finish, and now feel spurred to get back into painting and modelling a whole plethora of Alien allies for my Tau force.

    Updates soon!
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