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    Daemonslave's Warhammer Quest Log

    Hi guys (and gals), I've been on a bit of a break from painting for a while, not finding the time or enthusiasm to paint my (endless) 40k stuff, yet when a friend suggested playing Warhammer Quest again, my creative juices imediately began flowing once more.

    I have looked at a few logs on here, and seeing some of them (in particular Cyrus) it has just got me really up for it! However I do have a knack for giving up on projects because I paint so slow - If I start to slack hurl abuse at me and give me a kick up the backside - I will probably need it!

    First off, can I say that some of the models from back then were plain awful (and some of the newer ones are not much better), so I have decided to use the best models from whatever range I prefer.

    Like Cyrus, I indend to have every monster from every level fully painted and again, like Cyrus I eventually want to have a 3D board to play on, though my first priority is to paint the character and the Level 1/ Level 2 monsters (so we can start playing on the card tiles)

    So enough babbling, here's what I have assembled so far (Note that a lot of models have been recently ordered and so have not arrived yet - so I'm starting with the ones I have)

    3 Goblin Netters (3 More hopefully on the way soon)

    and my first Minotaur

    P.S. The reason they have circular bases (apart from the fact I prefer them) is that some things (such as daemons) will be used in my 40k armies, so rather than have some circular and some square, I have opted to go for all circular.

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