Hello all.

I've been thinking of starting Warmaster and getting my friends to play as well. However, I've got some questions for you about how to start the game. I will state that I will be buying the armies, since I don't want my friends to commit to a game if they are unsure of its merits.

Some here begins the questions:

1. Based on other getting started threads, it seems that High Elves and Dwarves are the two best starter armies. Correct? Are Bretonnians a hard army to play?

2. What size is the smallest Warmaster games? 1,000 points?

3. When a stand suffers causalities, do you remove the entire base after seeing if the stand survives the assault?

4. As I am relatively new to the Warhammer Fantasy world, are there any books, websites, or anything else you would recommend for me to learn of the world in general?

Thanks a lot!