here are some rules i created by using the chimera entry in the IG codex and the VDR points costs.
I created this because i think the chimera would make a great battle tank in smaller battles, as well as being fluffy and balanced.

Chimera medium battle tank- 100 points

type- tank

armour- 12 12 10

the battle tank chimera has all the weapon options of the transport tank,
In addition, the tank may have one of the following weapons in its turret.

twin linked lascannons at +35 points
twin linked autocannons at +35 points
twin linked heavy bolters at +20 points
multi melta at +30 points
twinlinked plasma gun at 15 points
conquerer cannon at +25 points

special rules

amphibious, transport

note that the medium battle tank does NOT have hull lasguns, and can only carry 6 men, as much of the transport space is taken up by a bigger engine, extra armour and power packs for the turret weapon.

what do you think of this tank and the points costings?