Usually forming part of the Solar Auxilia’s Infantry Tercios, Veletaris Storm Sections also serve as the Household Retinue of commanders and Lord Marshals. When doing so they often bear ceremonial power axes which, whilst finely wrought, are suitably deadly in battle. The elite of the Solar Auxilia, who are themselves the best of the Imperial Army, they are considered second only to the Space Marines of the Legiones Astartes in combat.

Consisting of 10 models, this unit is equipped with power axes and encased in reinforced void armour.

The Veletaris Storm Section with Power Axes is a complete multi-part resin kit that makes ten models. It includes ten 25mm round bases.

I love how the new transfer sheets look like - especially those lovely, lovely banners.

Solar Auxilia is as good as always. Love the steampunk feel. Unlikely I'll ever collect it, but would love to see medics for this army.