Hi fellows!

I've wanted to try Gorkamorka and make some mutie gangs for a long time, but the models are hard to come by, don't look very good and are metal only.

This sucks because I love modelling and converting plastic. I tried to look for other sources on the net for making muties, but I couldn't really find anything I liked.

So I decided to make this little thread so that anyone else who wants to do the same idea can get a little inspiration

I used Kroot models for the riders and guns, zombie, tyranid and beastmen heads and chaos marauder horses for the steeds.

Its a slow process because I'm VERY new to sculpting with green stuff and I'm also painting a wood elf army at the time, but I'll post pics as I progress.

It was kind of a hassle to get the spread of the legs just right to fit the horse without having them stick out in odd angles. I just tried and failed a few times. Remember to pin them!

My mobleader. I'm going to give him a hood and a flashy gun + equipment

The first hood I made. The face is from a tyranid warrior. The hood isn't 100% complete at this point and it took a few attempts before I was satisfied. I still have a feeling I'll hate it as I get better at sculpting these things.

A couple of mutie guns. A cookie for anyone who can guess all the parts!

Ok, thats all for now. I have a few more hooded models that are done, but I haven't taken a pic of them just yet.