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Thread: Tomb kings in 8th edition

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    Tomb kings in 8th edition

    Based on 8th rules rumors:
    1-Flyers pursuer using their ground movement: Carrions have a lousy 2” movement.
    2-Wiping fleeing unit: only possible if passing LD. L:5 Chariots and Carrion have it more difficult
    3-Only Units with 2+ ranks can negate enemy flank/rear- Chariots and Ushabties are not so good as an hammer now.
    4-Casuality taken from the back- My chariots usually wiped most of the enemy front rank, that will no longer happen. I am less inclined to charge.
    5-Striking in Initiative order- Sucks to be TK. I just lost all my motivation to charge
    6-No more fear: No more auto break! It is way more difficult to break the enemy. Now more than ever will have to thrust in our limited capacity to cause wounds to tilt combat resolution in our favor.
    1-Movement: like fast cavalry minus the reform: A big improvement for those who can’t march.
    2-Either Overrun or reform: more movements compensates for not been able to march
    3-Fire in 2 ranks and Salvo Shooting: Skeletons Archers “tar pits” got way better.
    4-Chariot S7 autokill is gone.- very cool killing a 3 wound chariot is not that easy.
    5-Cavalry armed with Great Weapons have +2 Strength: Back to 6th.Great for TK and TP in chariots
    6-Crush them!-Cool Ushabtis with +1 St 6 impact when charging.
    7-Fast cavalry can make a 12" movement at the beginning of turn: this plus the urgency might result in chariot/fast cavalry moving up to 22" in the first turn
    8-Stubborn if charged from the front and have more ranks. Stubborn TK means :No more crumbling!
    9-Killing Blow: a scorpion might be able to give make a Killing Blow to anything in 50mm or smaller base. That means almost everything. Only thing bigger are chariots.
    10-No more partial hits and guessing distances: SSC possibly became the best war machines in the game.
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