Having gotten Xenology in this week and reviewed it, I had some thoughts that I wanted to discuss, and see where they lead. I drew some concepts from the book that I haven't seen written here, and wanted to see what other's opinions were. There are spoilers for the book below, read at your peril.


I have always been under the assumption that the Eldar Gods were smaller versions of the Warp Powers themselves. I believed this becuase legend says that Slannesh slew them all, before breaking Khaine and attacking the Laughing God fleeing to the webway.

However, the Xenology book makes me reconsider this concept that they were warp entities at all. In the back of the book, toward the end, there is a study made of a ancient tablet that was found. Based on information out of that book, I think that the Eldar Gods were in fact real space entities, and were also the same beings that created the Eldar themselves, the Talisman's of Vaul and other devices, in other words, they were and are, the Old Ones.

Inquisitor Ralei (a.k.a. the Necron Lord) found the tablet, or got a copy of it, from a distant world, and a final piece from the Conserveti. The tablet seems to be Eldar construction, but by the Exodites. For those who do not have the book, I will describe the tablet, and his remarks on it.

The first tier of the tablet has a group of individuals with their own symbols. The reader posits that these are the Creators of the races that will come, i.e. the Old Ones. There are many of these.

The second teir of the tablet are the created races, Eldar, Krork, Hrud, etc...

The Third tier show the great enemy, and it is clearly a big necron head on it. The position of the reader (the necron) is that there was a conflict between the OO, the created races and the Necrons.

The Fourth tier (and most important) is only three boxes, each with a design in it. The reader states that these are connected to the first tier, and are the survivors. This would mean that the people or things in this box are the surviviors of the Old Ones.

The first box was the Laughing God, it is planely obvious due to the jesters mask and the comments. The second is the shattered god of war, Khaine and the third box is broken off, and had to be retrieved from Inquisitorial archives. It is the picture of a foetus of a human. To me (at least) this can only mean one thing, although I'm sure there will be some debate to follow.


A careful reading of the sections on these two races will show that they share the same deities, and that specifically, the Hrud's diety left them about 500,000 years ago to work on a "great project". Also, the Hrud believe that the humans as well already do the bidding their great master and god. Read the excert on the page from the Inquisitor that was able to interrogate a Hrud.

If all of the created races shared the same Gods, and they were created by he Old Ones, I would think that the Old Ones were their gods. Therefore, based on the tablet and also the informtion from the Hrud, I believe that the Eldar Gods, and all of the created's gods were Old Ones, not warp entities like we understand Slannesh, Khorne etc...

There is a time problem here however. The tablet seems to indicate that the Old Ones were killed, save three of them, at the time of the War in Heaven. The eldar histories seem to indicate however that the eldar gods died at the birth of Slannesh, which was 10,000 years ago. The Hrud indicate that their master left them 500,000 years ago, and he was one of the surviviors of the Old Ones.

There are some obvious issues and problems here. In fact, they seem to be mutually exclusive. Perhaps someone with a better grasp on the Eldar Myth cycle can explain better. My only idea is that the Eldar were wrong. The majority of their gods died eons ago, they simply did not know. The eldar myths say that Slannesh killed everyone, then fought Khaine and the Laughing God Fled. Khaine was broken apart and scattered to the Craftworlds. What if the other eldar gods were dead long before the birth of Slannesh. After all, if they were alive, why didn't they work to stop her? Only three of the Old Ones lived at that time, the Laughing God, who fled to the Web Way, because she is weak there (the Web Way being the original creation of the OO), Khaine fighting her, and dying, and the third.


There is a third old one on the tablet, the symbol of a child in belly. A child god. In addition we know that the surviving god left the Hrud 500,000 to work on the "great project". Also that the Hrud believe that humans dance to the strings of the same master they do.

I would therefore like to sudgest that the last Old One, is the Emperor himself. He went to the great project of humanity when he left the Hrud. He is greatest psyker known to exist, and from his very being were the Primarchs made. He retreated back to the palace at the time of horus heresy to contine work on the great project. Also, if he is an old one, the Imperium is simply another type of control that the Old Ones created to assist in fighting the Necrons/Chaos.


Finally, from reading it appears that the Necron Lord at least believes that a certain number of races were obviously Old One created... and he should know. The Humans, the Eldar, the Hrud, the Orks... and the Tau. The necrons were studying them all to find weaknesses. You would only study a creature to find a weakness in it that is your enemy, therefore the Tau are definitely not a creation of the Necrons. I'm unsure which of the Old Ones had a hand in their creation the most, but that they were created by some of the surviving ones, I am sure.