Hi Warseer fellows, I must confes that Im sick, because I have been infected by the same sicknes that affects the lad Freakforge. The Primarch Fever!!!
And were I can star? For a character wich none of the models in sale made him justice, the mighty Magnus The Red!!!!

The real inspiration came one day that I was looking this set in a store:

Yesssss, the space marine, that big, huge (enorme!!!) space marine. In the background it is said that Magnus was twice or three time taller that a standar space marine, taller that his brothers Primarchs even. So I think that it can work (and as Freak says: Size DOES matter!).
Also I will keep some ideas of the old backgound, the first of all: Magnus was a Cyclop!!!! not one-eyed. So with this in mind I draw this

And well, in a week all I could do was this:

Well see if I am cured of this...