Hello fellow Warseerite,

After being relatively inactive on this forum for a while, due to school and work getting in the way for what has felt like an eternity, I'm back, and asking for your collective advice/feedback.

For quite a while now, I've been running my own batrep thread in the battle reports section, "The Chronicles of LoNC's Lizards." (Link here-- This batrep thread was/is closely tied to the background of my Lizardmen army. For a short summary: my Lizardmen are the sole survivors of a temple-city that was lost during the coming of Chaos, and were in suspended animation up until now. Having awoken from their slumber at long last, they've been scouring the globe for missing pieces of the artefact that will awake their Slann lord from his eternal slumber.

My batrep thread followed this army's quest with my own self-imposed special rule: for every victory/winning draw my army fought, I would roll a D6 for each slain enemy character. On a 4+, that character would be holding a shard of the artefact, and after collecting 10 shards, I would be able to use a Slann. After a long series of battles, I have finally gained all the shards I need to resurrect the Slann.

The only question I find myself facing is: what now?

While my army was still looking for the shards, it had an underlying purpose in their background. But now that my Slann has reawoken, I need some new conflict or dilemma to make the fluff that much more rewarding, and sadly, I've been at a loss. I've considered having the army revert into a nomadic group of Lizards, but this seems like a drastic revision on my part. For a while, I was also toying with the idea of having the Slann and his army travel through time in an effort to right what they feel are drastic wrongs against the plan of the Old Ones, but I dismissed that as being both too silly and too problematic.

I'd like your feedback on the matter. What should I do? Or should I not be so hung up on the overall backstory, and just write reports and let it evolve naturally?

Thanks, and I'd also like to thank everyone who has provided positive feedback on my batreps.