Can the Daemonhunters/Greyknights use a Land Rider Redeemer as heavy support, dedicated transport, and/or in any other capacity? If so, where is the text of rule or FAQ that will support this option specifically for the Redeemer?

The current Daemonhunter codex, which is relatively old and has several errors, only includes the Land Rider and the Land Rider Crusader, but does not name the Redeemer directly. The FAQ for the Daemonhunter's Codex does not mention it either. I have also read a lot of threads and believe the consensus is that you can only use the Redeemer if the opponent agrees. However, GW online shows the model under the Daemonhunters/Greyknights 40k army lists it as an available heavy support for the Greyknights.

Does GW online mean to say that you can buy the Redeemer model but you can only use it for Daemonhunters/Greyknights if you build it with the Crusader options? As an uneducated client I inferred that the Redeemer model could in fact be used legally for the Daemonhunters/Greyknights, but I am not sure.

In fact, I am confused, thank you in advance for your insights.

Thank you.