Seriously, why? I'm reading a lot of reply's over the net with people talking about 3000 becoming the new standard army size (a rumour I know, but a rumour non the less) in a game or at least at tournaments. Is it strange for me to think this is really undesirable? For starters, I already have a hard time fully finishing a full 2200 pts army for a tournament.

Secondly, with the current army size I can at least fit most of an army within a case, but if the whole thing gets bumped up to 3000 I seriously doubt I will make everything fit. I'm not really looking forward to carrying a GW case and several small boxes aside.

And last but certainly not the least, the cost. Warhammer is an expensive hobby and despite the cost I will probably play both fantasy and 40k into the far future no matter what, but having to split money between 2 systems costs alot. Till now I've been able to effectively manage money between the 2 so in theory I'm able to buy enough miniatures to make a 40k and WFB army every 1.5 years or so. Bumping the points to 3000 will mean I've have to buy 800 points extra. For most army's that's quite alot of mini's/monsters. Having to stretch the schedule towards 2 years isn't something I'm looking forward to.

I think in the end I'll just stick to 2200. It's affordable, small enough to transport easily and less daunting when painting a new army. If it means I'll get to join in less tournaments...well though luck.

Thoughts anyone?