This is about what benefits and tendencies the various races get in terms of Apocalypse and/or Forgeworld models, including Flyers and Super Heavies.

I played in a huge Apoc game on the weekend and was a bit upset to see how many high strength shots the "Imperial" (Marines, IG, Navy and Titan Legion)side of the table was getting compared to the Eldar side. Im talking 8x S8 missile shots from one Imperial Flyer (Maruader?) and absolute buckets of high strength huge template goodness thanks to various IG Superheavies and a Warhound Titan.

After the game I was so annoyed at how few shots the Eldar were getting by comparison i started looking at other Xenos races to see who could match the Imperials for sheer firepower.
After realising that the Tau dont have any "D" weapons though im starting to realise that maybe its not so uneven as i thought.

In a way i can see that the Eldar punch above thier weight to a certain extent in that they dont get alot of shots like some others, but seem to have a higher proportion of D weapons, with templates no less.

SO basically im wondering what people think are the strengths, weaknesses and tendencies of the various races in terms of what they get in Apoc or Superheavy+Flyers games.

For example id say summ up the Eldar and Tau as follows, please feel free to correct or add to these:

Eldar: pretty low Armour, rely on speed and hot-or-miss tricks to survive, low volume of fire, good amount of D weapons

Tau: No land based Super heavies, relies on flyers and speed related formations, lots of regular high strength weapons