I am a big proponent for WYSIWYG. I spend a great deal of time sculpting and converting my armies to make them unique. I run a large block of Skaven Clanrats with my Screaming Bell (54 plus a BSB) I want to start using them as Storm Vermin. Not because I am cheap or too lazy to build another unit but because I just prefer the models. I really like the Stormvermin models but they look out of place in my army, or in my opinion most armies. They wear a Japanese style armour that looks great but stick out like sore thumb. Half of the clanrats box make clanrats the other half slaves. The clanrats are wearing armour, plate mail and chain mail. Typically in the warhammer world these types of armour are considered to be heavy armour. Whereas the slave models have rags and robes.

I would like to bits order the halberds from the Stormvermin box and viola Stormvermin.

If you were faced against a unit like this what would your reaction be?