What are your thoughts on the new magic system.

On its own I think it seems great, 2d6 Power Dice (PD) and higher of the 2 dice as Dispel dice (DD)

To me this looks like all armies will have some magic, you will likely be casting 2-4 spells a turn with 1-2 being dispelled.

Most magic phases will see a spell or two getting through.

Now, the first problem I see here is that while the caster will have 6 or more dice most of the time, the dispelling player likely will not.

Meaning if the opponent really wants a spell to go through, it most likely will as he will roll a lot of dice at it.

Now granted this does have a downside in the more powerful miscast table though talismans and arcane items can cut down the hurt here, that or just using cheap lv1-2 wizards to cast.

I like that dispel scrolls are 0-1 but it does make it tough to dispel these spells.

Secondly all the items that help with dispelling (like the scroll of frog or the one that does damage to enemy wizards) are all arcane, 1 per mage.

Getting more magic defence from the common magic items list is very expensive as each item requires an additional mage. Also there is no item that gives more DD.... I think we could really use one. (channeling staff doesn't count as it doesn't really do anything)

Ok, so it looks like the magic phase was designed to allow about 1-2 spells through each phase, allowing it to have an effect on the game each turn.
This is ok in my opinion with the smaller spells but if 1 of the spells that gets through is purple sun, mountain chimera etc I am not sure I would be so happy at having no chance to get rid of it.

Now if we look at the effect of the new system when taking into account the current army books things change considerably.

The main issue comes with PD and DD generation of specific armies.

Lizardmen have a slann with +1 PD per spell (so up to 7 extra dice per phase!)

VCs can get +2 per character so they can guarantee they are using 12PD each phase if they so choose!

Orks can add 3DD while removing 1 of your PD.

High elves add d3 dice with the banner of sorcery and have +1 to dispel.

DEs can add an additional d6 to each cast (or failed cast?) with their dagger of sacrifice or whatever its called.

I am sure there are a few I am not remembering but you get the point.
All armies are far from equal when it comes to their PD an DD generating abilities.

The ability of the armies to generate additional PD and DD was created with the previous edition in mind. I wonder how badly it will be a problem with the new mechanic.

Imagine a VC player that took 4 mages for a +8 PD, it will have 12 PD in almost all its magic phases, while the other player has d6 (so 3-4 on average) DD, the vamps can get away with a lot in the magic phase.

For this very reason I was disappointed that the common magic items section did not have items that help with generating more PD and DD. I like the mechanic overall, but I think the common magic items section would have been a great place to even out the magic dice each has at their disposal.

Orks for example will on average have more DD than the opponent has PD... unless you play one of the stronger magic armies (vamps, lizards etc.)