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    Island of Blood Starter Set Contents

    Some pics, courtesy of various people:

    Attachment 92579Attachment 92581Attachment 92588Attachment 92582Attachment 92583Attachment 92584Attachment 92585Attachment 92586Attachment 92587Attachment 92580

    (If you want pictures of the clanrats, warpfire thrower and the poisoned wind mortar, they are up on BoLS here: (The standard bearers of the Swordmasters and the Sea Guard are switched in the above photos)

    Some un-boxing pics up on GW: Nothing really that exciting though. Does confirm there is no missing sprue with more Sea Guard, Slaves or Globadiers.

    It's released on the first Saturday of September, September 4th.

    The price is probably £60 and $99 US, but not totally confirmed.

    The rulebook included is in full colour and has all the rules, basic scenarios and spells, sections missing that are present in the hardback edition as rules (as well as the fluff and hobby sections) are:

    - Armies of Warhammer, describing every army with lots of pictures
    - Extra battles (like battles taken from the story line, campaings, linking battles, etc; last section in the big book just before the spells)

    Here is the contents of Island of Blood, thanks to all the rumour mongers for the information, none of it is mine, I've just collected it. Just to state it, all this info is according to five usually very reliable sources here at warseer, so it's pretty definite. Revised descriptions added now as well (mostly courtesy of Hrogoff the Destructor), just in case the pictures aren't enough.

    High Elves (Not sculpted by Gary Morley, the person responsible for the current ugly hands/feet in certain sets, but rather by Martin Footitt, who has done the slimmer and prettier High Elf kits)

    Prince on Griffon: The griffon is posed like a pouncing tiger. Its mid jump and its wings are sprawled out. Very large claws, though the model itself is pretty big so fits in.

    Mage on foot: Then we got the High Elf mage which steals the show (as far as I'm concerned). His base is amazing and I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It's kind of like an orb of splashing water that you can see through. He also has dangly bits and a very impressive helmet that looks like it belongs in Lord of the Rings.

    10 Sea Guard: They are vaguely reminiscent of the old metal Sea Guard (like the hanging quivers on the back). They have really slick looking spears, a variety of helmet designs, and a piece of cloth around one shoulder to hold the bow in place on their backs. Their shields also have the LSG symbol on it.

    10 Swordmasters of Hoeth: Tall (Chaos Warrior tall), but with longer and more slender swords than the originals. Their overall pose is just like the current ones except with way more detail. The battle standard is very impressive. There are only a few repeat models in the unit.

    5 Ellyrian Reavers: The ellyrion reavers are very impressive. The champion looks somewhat like the Kislev Winger Rider. The rest are all aiming forward with their bows. Unfortunately there is no musician and their heads are very similar. The only difference that I noticed between the heads was the positioning of feathers. Luckily you add their heads manually so you can put different ones on if you got some laying around.

    About 950 points in total, assuming full command on all units, a smattering of extra equipment, Lvl 2 Mage but no magic items.


    Warlord: With back banner and halberd, looks quite a lot like Queek, but with a chain running from his banner around his neck.

    Warlock: Plenty of pipes and equipment, some kind of large spire like lightning condense, very nicely detailed.

    40 Clanrats: Shields moulded on, 20 have hand weapon and shield and 20 have spear and shield, if I have interpreted things correctly. Look very much like the recent clan rat kit.

    Poisoned Wind Mortar: The globidier mortar looks exactly like you think it would, not that much detail unfortunately though.

    Warpfire Thrower: The warp fire thrower is pretty standard too apart from a small rat that's on fire.

    2 Rat Ogres: Their limbs are exaggerated in size (like the one the screaming bell), and one of them is in a posed like an idle gorilla. One has limbs strewn together like Frankenstien's Monster while the other has a chunk of warpstone in its shoulder deforming it's skin (all while having a machine infuse it with drugs).

    Packmaster/Master Moulder: The master moulder looks pretty sweet and has a long prod like weapon (pretty obvious in the pictures).

    About 750 points in total, assuming full command on all units, a smattering of extra equipment, Lvl 2 Warlock but no magic items.

    And some more info, courtesy of CaliforniaGamer:

    ~None of these are the current models from currently available sprues, not even the clanrats. The clanrats (read: not slave sprues) have fixed shields on 20 of them and I believe are 2-part models(like much of the box, thus very easy to assemble).
    ~The Reavers and the Griffon Rider have the legs sculpted onto the body of the mount but you could substitute and upper torso for conversion purposes quite easily (read: Dragon Princes, Empire/Bret heroes on griffons etc).
    ~The Reavers come pre-equipped with bows...they are part of the upper torso mold. Why? Im not sure, would make non-bow Reavers hard to WYSIWG for tournament purposes but the models are first class all the way.
    ~As I said most are 2-part models, easy to assemble and need minimal to no gap filling. (The Griffon might need green stuff on the back for gap filling though to do up properly)
    ~The swordmasters have different head options, I counted at least 4 different types of "masks/helms".
    ~The banners are "textured/raised" and are specific to the Swordmasters and Sea Guard, meaning you can spray, basecoat and drybrush for the "free hand" challenged among us.
    ~The Skaven bits will be a goldmine for conversion types. Can do the rest of the weapon teams with only minimal conversion skill.
    ~Price was retail 99.00 US Dollars.
    ~I saw no other terrain bitz people are claiming in the box (no objective markers etc).

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