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    victory conditions in 8th

    hi guys (an gals), I was just reading through July's white dwarf and saw this under the victory points 'box' in the game of empire vs O&G,
    rules for victory points on page 143 of the warhammer rulebook say you need to score twice as many victory points as your opponant to win a game. This is a mistake, and should read that you need to score 100 more victory points than your opponant to win the game, and at least twice as many points to achieve a crushing victory.
    So, what do you think? To me this seems to be - although minor - a silly mistake by GW that should probably not have happened.

    It also makes me think that games will be a fair bit easier to win for armies that rely on shoot a bit then run away a lot (I'm looking at you wood elves )
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