View Poll Results: What would you take against MEQs in an IG list.

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  • Deathstrike

    3 3.75%
  • Basilisk

    14 17.50%
  • Griffon

    7 8.75%
  • Colossus

    23 28.75%
  • Medusa

    12 15.00%
  • Manticore

    21 26.25%
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Thread: The best IG ordinance/artillery peices against MEQs. Have your Say.

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    The best IG ordinance/artillery peices against MEQs. Have your Say.

    In our environment most armies running around are ones in power armour with their 3+ saves. Which artillery units do you figure is the best against MEQs and their Rhinos/Land Raiders for imperial Guard?

    I feel the Deathstrike and Basilisk with their unreliability and huge minimum range for the Basilisk come out as the bottom of the barrel.

    I still don't know about the Colossus, I feel the choices below are much better. I don't understand why its so weak with only AP 3 and S6. Does anyone remember what barrage 1 do? Also no one being able to take cover saves is nice, but can anyone convince me that the Colossus is good?

    The Manticore, Griffon, and Medusa definitely appear to be the best choice, but is the Griffon that useful against MEQs?

    My conclusion is that probably the Medusa with the ability to get AP1 S10 shells to kill even land raiders give it a duel purpose as anti-TEQ and anti-MEQ. Another huge advantage is that it can be taken in squads unlike the Manticore which is only AP 4.

    Anyone disagree, what do you think about the Colossus and do you feel the Medusa is overall the best against MEQs and their Rhinos/Land Raiders.
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