Couldn't see one of these, so i thought it best to get one up and running.

I haven't played the new edition yet so this is all theory, and could prove to be as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

In the new edition now that all combat is done in Inititve order I'm thinking that Witches will be worth while taking as in big blocks, may be even Horde if one is brave enough... a 10 wide unit of 40 with a Hag who has the Rune of Khaine can pump out an impressive 52-54 attacks, which are backed up by Poison, and hatred... this unit is just crying out to have the Banner of Murder. Ok the unit will be very points heavy, but against most rank and file units it will be blender. One could also add in a Death Hag as a BSB with the Always Strike First Banner (can't recall it's name right now), add in an assassin as well for all kinds of fun.

War Hydras are now just scary, and I think may get a bit of a beating with the upcoming FAQ.

Spearmen are better then ever, cheap as chips... good stat line, and hatred. Again a real contender for a unit of 40 deployed 10 wide. Thanks to Hatred they should be able to go toe to toe with most enemy basic infantry... other than High Elves, who I think are going to give our forces a bit of tough job.

Repeater Crossbowmen I think are going to be used in the same way as they have always been, but now taking up less space as they can fire in 2 ranks... which is a God send!

Now that a unit can reform after winning a combat this reduces our one weakness of Hatred where we have to always purse, before it was easy for the enemy to set up a counter to our exposed flank. Now this isn't the case, which is good for us.

Has anyone played with the Dark Elves in the new edition yet, if so care to add to this?